Borbonese is a historical Italian brand of bags and accessories, renowned for its skilful craftsmanship and the use of sophisticated techniques of production and precious materials. Founded in Turin in 1910, it is universally recognised for its occhio di pernice, or O.P. (partridge eye) print capable of attracting an elegant and cosmopolitan clientele. Today the brand is contextualised in a new era founded on synergies, sustainable commitment and inclusiveness regardless of generation.


10.00 am - 02.00 pm
03.00 pm - 07.00 pm
10.30 am - 02.30 pm
03.00 pm - 07.00 pm
25th-26th december, 1st january
24th-31st december
closing time: 06.00pm


+39 051 77 04 26

WhatsApp: +39 051 770426