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The rationalist part of Galleria Cavour has represented the history of fashion in Bologna since 1959, the place where brands that represent the cutting edge of style and innovation have always met.


Galleria Cavour 1959 is the cultural and commercial heart of Bologna. It is a place loved by the people of Bologna and it represents an essential stop for anyone visiting the city. Located in the heart of the historic center of Bologna, Galleria Cavour 1959 is an icon of style, culture and shopping.

With its internationally renowned shop windows and boutiques, Galleria Cavour 1959 is the ideal refuge for both fashion lovers and those who love spending hours of relaxation and well-being on its Green Terrace. A place rich in history and charm, with a surprising and innovative architectural structure.

Saint Laurent, Galleria Cavour 1959

GucciSaint LaurentBrunello Cucinelli and Emporio Armani, also supported by the Armani Ristorante & Caffè, the second to open in Italy after the one in Milan.

And also BarbourPolo Ralph LaurenTod’s, Fay, Hogan, Borbonese, Elisabetta Franchi, MC2 Saint BarthPiretti Orologi and Macron.

Galleria Cavour 1959 is a point of reference for fashion and a reflection of the evolution of trends. Here, you can express your style, be it bold and rebellious or elegant and radical-chic.

Gucci, Galleria Cavour 1959
Emporio Armani
Emporio Armani, Galleria Cavour 1959
Armani Ristorante
Emporio Armani Ristorante, Galleria Cavour 1959
Emporio Armani Caffè
Emporio Armani Caffè, Galleria Cavour 1959


The Green Terrace is another flagship of Galleria Cavour 1959, a perfect expression of the Galleria’s philosophy and its values.

It is located on the mezzanine floor and is the refuge for those who want a break from the frenetic pace of the city and a unique experience of relaxation and well-being with Atma Studio, DB Hair FlairJoy Fit Studio and Time.

Galleria Cavour 1959 is also art and culture and it is precisely the Terrace that the Galleria museum space overlooks, a place that has already hosted exhibitions and events with great public success.

Terrazza Green
Terrazza Green, Galleria Cavour 1959


Galleria Cavour was born in 1959 from an urban planning intuition by engineer Giorgio Pizzighini.

Genius, sustainability and innovation transformed a scar from the Second World War caused by bombings in the area into a revolutionary work.

The first nucleus starts from the rationalist building in via de’ Foscherari, whose façade is the manifesto of the Gallery.
The first and second lots present a rationalist architecture in clear break with the medieval urban layout of the area. The third, attested by the Archiginnasio, is more harmonious and lays the foundations for the subsequent stretch of the Gallery towards Via Farini.

Galleria Cavour
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Galleria Cavour 1959 view from via de’ Foscherari (Bologna), watercolor by Engineer Giorgio Pizzighini

The visionary intent was to provide connection for the four historic squares (Maggiore, Galvani, Cavour and Minghetti) in a covered pedestrian path to make the center more livable, enhance the Logge del Pavaglione and give greater prominence to the intense cultural, artistic, trade and aggregation of the most vital area of ​​Bologna.

The trivium of Galleria Cavour in 1959
The trivium of Galleria Cavour in 1959


Engineer Pizzighini also designed the interiors of some of the first shops, taking care of every detail: from the custom-made crystal chandeliers to the helical staircase of Caffè Viscardi.

Among the first multi-brands in the city is the Bang Bang boutique which, after its success in Bologna, also opened in Cortina d’Ampezzo. The secret of its success was determined by the passionate research of the two founders, Vittoria and Carlina Cappelli, who brought iconic garments and the latest trends from London and Paris to Bologna, discovering young talent in Italy and abroad, who would then become fashion reference points for years to come.

Galleria Cavour on 1959, Caffè Viscardi
Original sketch of one of the interiors of the Galleria Cavour stores, designed by Eng. Pizzighini

Papillon by Elda dall’Oca represented high fashion, which was the point of reference for a loyal clientele, always present at the very elegant fashion shows.
Also among the legends of the time was Charme by Paola Pavirani: the boutique that catalyzed female objects of desire from all over Italy with exclusive lingerie, handmade by true masters.
In 1976, the first single-brand store, Cartier, opened in the Galleria, with an inauguration event that made the front pages of Vogue.

Cafe Viscardi bar counter


An iconic place in Bologna since the post-war period and an obligatory stop to encounter the most authentic version of Bologna, the Viscardi café has represented the living room of Bologna for years, with artisanal pastries and its own chocolate production. Not only that, the café has also been the city’s main meeting place for years.
In fact, “Let’s meet at Viscardi in the Galleria” has meant meeting at a place in Bologna which will be symbolic for years to come. The central crossroads of Galleria Cavour stand out for the spacious mezzanine room with large windows and the unmistakable helical staircase by engineer Pizzighini, which was inspired by the sixteenth-century Vignola staircase in Palazzo Boncompagni.
The ladies who went shopping in the most fashionable boutiques and the men who, with their cars, competed for the most visible parking spaces in Galleria Cavour, which was passable by car at the time, were always present.

The Cavour Gallery crossroads was originally a driveway
Cavour Gallery 1959, the “quadrivio” in the present day
The Galleria Cavour “quadrivio”, 1960s
Galleria Cavour 1959 Quadrivio
Cavour Gallery 1959, the “quadrivio” in the present day

Since the 1950s, Galleria Cavour 1959 has been a point of reference for society, a mirror of the customs and cultural expression of Bologna and the entire country.


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