Emporio Armani is the pioneer line launched by Giorgio Armani in 1981 targeted above all at youth. Today the brand, known the world over, has a strong experimental and metropolitan print, and reflects all the characteristics of the elegance of the Armani aesthetic varied with a current and incisive language. The brand, into which, beginning from 2018, the lines of the Armani Collezioni and Armani Jeans have merged, confirms its original identity: a container that proposes a broad choice of garments and accessories for each function and occasion of use, from sportswear to the formal, all the way up to the elegant, addressing different targets of clientele with a transversal message. The sports line EA7, founded in 2004, supplements the offer, which over the years has consolidated a strong identity, proposing technical and leisure clothing targeted at sports enthusiasts.


mon - sat
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25th-26th december, 1st january
24th and 31st december
closing time: 06.00 pm


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